Code of Conduct

Creating a Culture of Innovation

We believe in being inclusive, welcoming, and supportive of anyone who comes to us with good faith and the desire to build a community, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, nationality, ethnicity, faith, or career path. The strength of our community comes from its varied participants from a wide range of backgrounds.

We expect everyone who participates in events, meetings, or in online forums or other virtual collaboration to follow this code of conduct, we value your participation.

Inspire and Encourage

Consider what you can do to encourage and support others. Make room for quieter voices to contribute. Offer support and enthusiasm for great ideas. When someone offers something unexpected, look for ways you can contribute and collaborate. Share your knowledge and skills.

Be Patient

Many of us are are learning the ins-and-outs of their skill or these groups and need more time and understanding.

Choose Your Words

Do not insult or put down other participants. Avoid demeaning, discriminatory, harassing, hateful, or physically threatening behavior, speech, and imagery. Remember that sexist, racist, and exclusionary jokes can be offensive to those around you.

If you observe someone behaving disrespectfully, you are encouraged to respectfully discourage them from such behavior. Expect that others in the community wish to help keep the community respectful, and welcome your input in doing so.

Own and Apologize for your Mistakes

Should you catch yourself behaving disrespectfully, or be confronted as such, own up to your words and actions, and apologize accordingly. No one is perfect, and even well-intentioned people make mistakes. What matters is how you handle them and that you avoid repeating them in the future.